Area 92 Newsletter

The Area 92 Newsletter is the primary communication tool within the Area. It is published monthly in English and Spanish. You’ll find in its reports from the people serving the AA groups and members in the whole Area, reports from the servant-leaders of the various districts, flyers and announcements, and hopefully, some interesting articles. This year, we’ll be highlighting each of the districts in Area 92, so we can get to know them a little better, particularly where they are located.

Also, as the Area 92 handbook says,

“We would hope that the Washington State East Area 92 Newsletter will be more frequently used as a forum not only for district activities and Area Activities but also for new ideas, problems, and proposed motions.”

Please remember that people’s names, phone numbers and email addresses are included in the newsletter and take reasonable caution with the information entrusted to you.

And if you find any errors in the newsletter, please let the editor know at We strive for excellence, but “we are not saints.” 😉


Area 92 – January 2018 – Color

Area 92 – January 2018 – B&W

Area 92 – January 2018 – Spanish